On one galactic night in Joshua Tree with a meteor shower overhead (yes, this is a true story), Space Coyote was born. Is this a new product category? No. Is it a really ingenious name? Yes, definitely. But what was truly born out of that fateful night was the search to source the best ingredients from the most passionate producers and bring it to you at an out of this world price.

Inside each Space Coyote, we mix quality bud with delicious concentrates. Our very first collaboration was with NASHA Extracts, the premier hash producer out of beautiful Humboldt County. Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones to have tried one of those first Space Coyotes. If so, bravo.

We are so excited you found us. Welcome to the Coyote family. We can’t wait to get glazed, blazed, and totally cosmic with you.

Glaze on, The Co-Founder Scott + Libby